Southwest Tech’s WLDI Graduates

On Friday, June 13, three Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and Foundation colleagues graduated with the latest class of Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute (WLDI) participants. The class included forty-seven graduates, including the following Chargers:

  • Chantel Hampton, Social Science Instructor – Division Coordinator
  • Julie Pluemer, Supervisor for Teaching, Learning & Academic Outreach
  • Betsy Tollefson, Director of Development, Southwest Tech Foundation
(L to R) Phil Thomas, Mentor; Chantel Hampton, WLDI Graduate; Julie Pluemer, WLDI Graduate; Duane Ford, Mentor; Betsy Tollefson, WLDI Graduate; Barb Tucker, Mentor

(L to R) Phil Thomas, Mentor; Chantel Hampton, Graduate; Julie Pluemer, Graduate; Duane Ford, Mentor; Betsy Tollefson, Graduate; Barb Tucker, Mentor

Previous WLDI graduates from Southwest Tech were: Wynn Henderson (1995-96), Joan Senn (1995-96), Paul Bell (1996-97), Ellen Leuck (1996-97), Ronald Coppernoll (1997-98), Nancy Flanagan (1997-98), Carol Kopp (1998-99), Ginny Moore (1998-99), Sondra Ostheimer (1999-00), Carol Rogers (1999-00), Stacy Martin (2001-02), Tammie A. Richter (2002-03), Brek L. Schneider (2002-03), Jeffrey Gilow (2003-04), Joy Kite (2003-04), Candace Croft (2004-05), Rita Luna (2004-05), Kathleen Garrity (2005-06), Jaime Klein (2005-06), Caleb White (2006-07), Kris Wubben (2007-08), Derek Dachelet (2008-09), Kevin Hoff (2008-09), and Barb Tucker (2010-11).

WLDI was initiated in 1995 by the Wisconsin Technical College System State Board and the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute Coordinating Team. The goals of the Institute are to a) develop leaders in all areas of technical college administration based on ability, potential for promotion, and personal goals; b) create a pool of qualified leaders within the WTCS; c) increase the diversity of leaders across all management levels; and d) provide experience in management and leadership through structured experiences and practicum opportunities with a college mentor.

Starting this year, WLDI offers two academies. Its Foundation Academy is designed for those new to leadership; Kathy Witzig, Counselor, is participating from Southwest Tech. Its Advanced Academy, which is new this year, is designed for experienced leaders with new or expanded responsibilities; Derek Dachelet, the College’s Dean for Industry, Trade, and Agriculture, is participating.


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